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Hiring wars: AI for jobseekers and recruiters

Jobseekers and recruiters are both using AI to get a leg up. It's a battle of the bots.

Over the past couple of years, job seekers have been forced to contend with incessant layoffs, a brutal recruitment market and days of unpaid assignments. They can now add AI recruiting systems to that pile. In 2022, the Society for Human Resource Management found that about 40% of the large-scale employers it surveyed said they were already deploying AI in HR-related activities like recruitment. Rik Mistry, Managing Partner of Interval Group, told Business Insider that AI is now leveraged to write job descriptions, judge an applicant's skills, power recruiting chatbots, and rate a candidate's responses.

At Interval, we value meaningful relationships with our candidates. Every application is checked by an expert (human) member of our team and we get to know every candidate before presenting them for a job opportunity. Whilst we use technology to support our processes, we place our people at the core of our business and our clients notice the difference in quality, time and time again.

To understand more about our ways of working, browse our website and get in touch today.

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