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Find out who we are, discover our wealth of experience, meet our leadership team, and more


High quality consulting. On demand. Delivered by top professionals.

We provide high quality consulting and recruitment services to solve complex problems. Our wide range of services includes management consulting, programme delivery, technology transformation, digital, PR, training and more.


At Interval, we believe in taking a fresh approach to helping organisations create the value they are looking for. We understand not only how to help clients achieve their goals, but also how to maintain and build upon them in the long-run.


We don't aim to be the biggest. We do aim to be the best.

We are experts in our field

We have first-hand experience in delivering projects, as well as recruiting for them. Our specialists work only in their area of expertise, so we always select the right people to deliver the right solution.

We know our people

Our professionals are carefully curated based on a deep understanding of our clients and the roles they are looking to fill. We talk to every candidate and we never submit profiles without express permission. As a result, our team trusts us to manage their long-term careers.

We believe in ourselves

Our authenticity, integrity and quality are among what sets us apart from the rest. We are trusted by global industry leaders, governments and clients across all sectors to serve their needs.


Interval is proud to have some of the industry’s hottest talent.


The experience, capability and passion of our team is the foundation for our success in serving our clients.


We provide a platform upon which our people can develop, grow and utilise their skills and foster deep, long-lasting, professional relationships.


Our global team is diverse, multilingual and has decades of experience delivering engagements to organisations in the industries we serve.



We are trusted by industry-leading organisations across diverse industries. Talk to us and discover why.


Kim's LinkedIn profile

Kim's colleagues love her for her dedication to seeing the bigger picture and her unbeatable commitment to quality of client service.


Kim is co-founder and managing partner of Interval. Kim leads the public sector division of Interval, with a focus on organisational development and training programmes. Kim has extensive experience leading, advising on, and delivering projects and policy within UK and Middle East government and financial services.


Kim spent a large part of her career working in central government departments, where she worked across various functions from formulating counter-terrorist policy to supporting the delivery of technology initiatives focusing on driving efficiencies. Kim has experience of bringing together large, multi-disciplinary teams across many suppliers. Kim became a contractor and took on some exciting roles within financial services working on technology-enabled business transformation initiatives in partnership with a host of global companies.


Alongside her UK experience, Kim has been based in the Middle East, helping clients with the delivery of their strategic change agenda. The sheer depth and breadth of Kim's experience across different industries and countries gives her a fresh and creative perspective in solving client challenges and driving through change.


Kim's free time is largely spent with her young family, enjoying the outdoors. Kim has a range of passions including martial arts (eskrima), physical training, language lessons and volunteering at her local charity.


Rik is co-founder and managing partner of Interval. Rik leads the private sector division of the firm, with a focus on strategic and technology transformation programmes. Rik has over a decade of leadership and consulting experience and has worked across Europe, Asia and North America with a host of global clients.


Rik built a strong career working in the world of consultancy at the Big 4, where he specialised in large scale organisational and technology transformations, target operating models, efficiency improvements and fast-paced merger & acquisition projects. Rik has led diverse teams across international locations on multilingual projects with a solid track record of success. Rik is highly skilled in devising the right strategies for organisations to become more efficient and make the most of their resources in an increasingly competitive market. Rik also has a deep understanding of navigating regulatory and legal challenges involved in complex transformations.


Rik is dedicated to making a real difference. He has been involved in various initiatives to give back to society, including taking on a sponsor role within the IWJ programme, which aims to help school students develop skills and join the business world.


In his spare time, Rik enjoys travelling, sports and has developed a passion for cooking. Rik is an aviation enthusiast and a qualified private pilot - always on the lookout for an adventure!

Rik's LinkedIn profile

Rik’s colleagues love him for his creative solutions and his tenacity to achieve the desired result.


Interval is committed to doing business fairly, ethically and sustainably.

At Interval, diversity and inclusion isn't just a policy. It's a fundamental part of who we are. From gender and ethnicity to our commitment to support our team across generations, we value diversity in every sense. We are a diverse business - and we wouldn't have it any other way.


We are a carbon neutral organisation. Our environmental commitment is centred upon minimising avoidable consumption. We have created a flexible, non-bureaucratic, environmentally friendly workplace. One you can be proud of.

We have comprehensive codes of conduct for both professionals and suppliers and a modern slavery statement underpinning our commitment to creating a better world.

These are values we will never compromise on.

diversity and inclusion

We would love to work with you. Contact us today.

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